Getting Started with Wraparound

If you are new to High-Fidelity Wraparound in Colorado, this page will give you an overview of how to get started.

CSTI Account

All of our offerings are free of charge, but to complete any of the CSTI trainings, you will need to create an account in our system (if you do not already have one). If you created an account in the past but cannot access it, please email angele.fauchier @

Introductory Training

If you want to learn more about what High-Fidelity Wraparound (HFW) is and how it is implemented in Colorado, we recommend starting with the following three self-paced, interactive online courses that are designed for all stakeholders:

Introduction to High-Fidelity Wraparound

System of Care Foundations

High-Fidelity Wraparound Team Member and Community Stakeholder Training


Guidelines and Credentialing

If you are interested in becoming a wraparound provider, you will want to review the guidelines and credentialing requirements. In order to begin the credentialing process within the LMS, you will need to have a coach in place (see below). Your coach will contact CSTI to have you enrolled in the appropriate credentialing program.


If you are interested in becoming a wraparound provider, you are required to have a coach who is credentialed in Colorado. Facilitators, family support partners, and supervisors can have either a Tier 1 or Tier 2 coach. Those seeking to become Tier 1 coaches must have a Tier 2 coach.

The following individuals are credentialed Tier 2 Coaches in Colorado:

Laurie Fowler Beckel, MA, LPC

Laurie has more than 40 years' experience as a provider working in early childhood and family services. Her recent concentration has been the development of High-Fidelity Wraparound initiatives for such institutions as the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and the Colorado Cross-Systems Training Institute. Previously, Laurie worked for the nationally recognized wraparound consulting firm Vroon VanDenBerg, LLC, for seven years on contracts in eight states and two Canadian Provinces. Laurie has over 20 years’ experience in the Colorado mental health system as an early childhood therapist, program director, and service manager. Laurie lives in the mountains outside of Idaho Springs. She is a community leader, having been elected to the School Board for two terms and served as President for the last two years. She currently serves as the Chair of the Clear Creek Planning Commission. Laurie can be reached at lfbdewdrop6852 @

Palmer Johnson, MSW, LCSW

Palmer Johnson is the founder and Executive Director of Mission Possible, a Colorado Springs-based nonprofit providing High-Fidelity Wraparound and other services to system-involved youth and families in the greater El Paso County area since 2000. In addition to overseeing a robust Wraparound program, Palmer has worked with the 4th Judicial District to address minority over-representation in the juvenile justice system. Through these efforts, Mission Possible has created and implemented a Minority Advocate Program to complement their other services. As a Tier 2 Wraparound Coach in Colorado, Palmer has made substantial contributions to the Wraparound fidelity measures, credentialing tools, and training curricula for the Cross-Systems Training Institute. He is also a trainer for the Principles Meet Practice: Introduction to High-Fidelity Wraparound training. Palmer can be reached at Pjohnson @

Sarah LaBounty, M.Ed.

Sarah LaBounty is a Tier 2 Wraparound Coach and Trainer and was previously a Wraparound Supervisor. She currently coaches in Weld and Morgan counties. She developed Colorado's High-Fidelity Wraparound training, Principles Meet Practice: An Introduction to High-Fidelity Wraparound, and coordinated the development of the credentialing tools. Prior to her work with Wraparound, Sarah was a teacher, curriculum developer, teacher trainer, and school improvement coach. She also served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Romania. Sarah holds a Masters in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a Bachelor's degree in Biology from the University of Colorado-Boulder. Sarah can be reached at sarahlabountyconsulting @

Kelly Pipkins-Burt, M.Ed, LPC

Kelly Pipkins-Burt is a former Residential Treatment Center Executive Director where she transformed a traditional “level” system into an individualized, stabilization-focused program, with 100% community and family involvement for all youth served. In the process, she transformed a deficit budget of $297,000 to a positive return in three years, by utilizing the principles of wraparound. She has over 26 years of experience in working with individuals, children, and families with complex needs and multiple system involvement. As a national wraparound trainer, she has facilitated changing behavioral health, adult/juvenile justice, and local systems of care in several states (Oregon, Missouri, Florida, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Montana, Washington, Massachusetts, and Colorado). Kelly is now focusing on supporting Colorado’s system of care and Wraparound practice. In addition to her Tier 2 High-Fidelity Wraparound coaching responsibilities in Colorado, she has a small clinical practice in Pagosa Springs, where she lives with her husband and 2 dogs. You can contact Kelly at kpb54burt @

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